Flea and Tick Prevention

Our friendly veterinarian staff at Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital are here to help you make sure your animals are up-to-date on their vaccinations and their flea and tick prevention. Whether you have dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, or farm animals, our team of veterinary professionals is ready to assist you. We are proud to serve residents of Cutchogue, Riverhead, Greenport, Laurel, Mattituck, and Southold and will assess your animal’s condition to determine the most effective flea and tick prevention methods.


Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs

The best way to prevent your dog from becoming infested with fleas or ticks is to keep an eye on them while they're outside. Dogs have a habit of getting into trouble when they are allowed to wander free. This can include running into dense underbrush which is often home to these invasive pests. There are also a variety of medications available to protect your dog from diseases caused by fleas and ticks.

Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats

The easiest way to keep your cat safe from fleas and ticks is to keep them indoors. If your cat already has fleas or ticks, you'll want to keep an eye on the areas of your house that your cat spends the most time in. This can give you an idea of where you need to do some cleaning to prevent fleas and ticks from setting up shop in your home. 

Flea and Tick Prevention for Rabbits

Rabbits are most often indoor pets and don't regularly get fleas and ticks, but they can nevertheless become host to these pests. Our vets can walk you through the best ways to help keep your rabbit healthy and safe. We can also work with you to establish a way to keep your outdoor rabbit hutch free from these potentially dangerous pests. 

Flea and Tick Prevention for Equine and Farm Animals

Our animal hospital has extensive experience treating equine and farm animals. These animals are particularly at risk for fleas and ticks as they spend most of their time outdoors. Our vets can give you expert tips on how to keep farm animals safe from fleas or ticks. 

Veterinarian Serving Cutchogue, Riverhead, Greenport, Laurel, Mattituck, and Southold

Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital is here to provide your animals with the necessary flea and tick prevention services including vaccinations. For more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us today or request an appointment online.

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