Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutritional Counseling and the Risks of a Poor Diet Explained

Worried about your pet’s nutrition? If so, you’re a great owner! Providing your pets with a healthy, balanced diet is essential for your pet’s health. If your pet suffers from poor nutrition, he will be at higher risk for many dangerous diseases. Most likely, your pet will suffer a shorter lifespan as well. Contact us at Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital in Laurel, NY for pet nutritional counseling.

Pet Nutrition

Here’s Why Proper Pet Nutrition Is Vital

Just like humans, pets need a balanced diet that allows them to get all the nutrients they need. In the wild, many animals eat diverse diets, which helps them obtain all the necessary nutrients for good health. Unfortunately, kibble alone for dogs and cats may not provide pets with the diverse diet they need.

If your pets are denied a healthy, balanced diet, they may suffer from a lack of energy, hair loss, changes in personality, and digestive issues, such as constipation. Your pet may also suffer more infections and illnesses. Wounds, such as cuts, may take longer to heal as well. You may find yourself visiting an animal hospital more often to deal with cuts and colds.

With cats and dogs, it’s vital to offer a diversified diet. Some fresh, boiled chicken or cooked cuts of beef offer a nice change-up from kibble. Wet cat and dog foods are also a smart option. Cooked eggs are also a great treat for cats and dogs.

The same is true for rabbits, farm animals, and equine companions. With rabbits, switching up the fresh plants offered is vital. You might give them carrots and broccoli today, romaine lettuce and dill leaves tomorrow. Squash, pears, and mangos, among other fruits, also make for great treats. Have questions about feeding rabbits or other small pets? Contact our vet!

As for equine companions, grass and hay offer a great base for their diet. However, the occasional apples, carrots, grapes, celery, and strawberries (among others) are great treats for horses and potentially other farm animals. You’ll often want to avoid nightshade plants, such as tomatoes. Onions and potatoes are a bad idea, too.

Have questions about what to feed other farm animals? It’s time to speak with a veterinarian about pet nutritional counseling.

You do have to be careful when feeding your pets. Give a dog a piece of chocolate, for example, and he might get sick. If you have questions about how to properly diversify your pet’s diet, it’s wise to speak with our veterinarian about proper pet nutrition.

Pet Nutrition: How Our Vet Can Help with Obesity

Another serious pet nutrition issue is obesity. Unfortunately, obese and overweight animals often suffer a shorter lifespan and have a higher risk of contracting diabetes or suffering other severe complications. Your rabbits, cats, dogs, farm animals, and equine companions may also be more at risk of arthritis and other issues.

Contact us at Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital in Laurel, NY to speak to our veterinarian about pet nutrition!

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