Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pet, it’s vital to have him microchipped to avoid him being lost or stolen. Microchipping your pet is the safest and most effective way to ensure you and your pet live a long and healthy life together. If your pet needs to be microchipped, our team at Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital in Laurel is here to help.


How Microchips Work

Microchips are tiny chips implanted under your pet’s skin to help identify him in the event he gets lost. The chip contains an I.D. number for your pet which is registered on a pet registry, along with your contact details. Microchips can be read by special scanners located at most animal shelters and veterinary offices, which is where most pets are taken after they’re found. Our team will scan the chip, match the I.D. number to your contact info and notify you that your cat or dog has been found. 

Microchipping is a simple, virtually painless process that can be done at our veterinary clinic at your convenience. Our Laurel veterinarians will insert the chip under your pet’s skin using a hypodermic needle, similar to those used for vaccinations. Unlike tags or collars, which can get damaged or lost as your pet wanders, microchips remain safely tucked under your pet’s skin, ready to provide the information needed to reunite you with your pet. Most chips can last a pet’s lifetime without requiring special attention or care.  

Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet

Pets that have been microchipped have improved chances of being reunited with their owners if they get lost. The process is quick, practical, and affordable, making it a worthwhile investment. By keeping your contact information up to date, vets and animal shelter personnel will have no problem reaching you once your pet has been found.

As your pet’s chip only contains an I.D. number, not your personal information, there are no privacy concerns. The only person who will have access to your contact details is the team that notifies you that your pet has been found. Microchipping could be the catalyst that helps you reunite safely with your pet.

See Our Laurel Veterinarians for Pet Microchipping

At Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are. We understand how devastating it can be to lose a beloved dog or cat. That’s why we encourage pet owners to microchip their pets. For microchipping services you can trust, contact Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital, Laurel, NY, at (631) 298-1177.

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