Eye Injuries in Pets

Eye injuries can cause your pet pain, irritation, and prevent him or her from being active. At Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital in Mattituck and Laurel, NY, we provide various treatments to relieve any discomfort and improve your pet’s overall health. Before scheduling your appointment, learn what you can expect during your appointment below:

Eye injuries

What to Expect During Your Visit

When you visit us, our veterinarians will examine your pet’s eyes and see how it reacts to light or eye tracking. Along with that, we’ll put specialized drops in your pet’s eyes that will strain the cornea and allow us to check if the cornea has been scratched. Once we learn more about your cat or dog’s condition, we can recommend the necessary treatment.

Treatment for Eye Injuries

If the eye injury is relatively mild, our vet may put a cone around your pet’s head to prevent it from rubbing its eyes. You may also have to administer eye drops or put an ointment in its eye to keep any infections from occurring. If your cat or dog as any swelling, our vets may prescribe medications to reduce the swelling. However, if the injury is severe, our vets may recommend surgery to prevent further complications.

It can be distressing to see your pet in pain due to an eye injury. However, we recommend bringing in your pet to see our veterinarians as soon as you notice any symptoms. While some injuries can heal on their own, it’s still important to have our vets examine your furry friend. After an exam, we can provide an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment to help your pet recover.

Visit us Today!

If your pet is experiencing any discomfort due to an eye injury, our team at Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital in Mattituck and Laurel, NY, is happy to help. To learn more about our treatments or to schedule your appointment, contact us at (631) 298-1177 today. When you need a veterinarian near me, we look forward to assisting you!

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