Pain Management

Just like humans, animals experience pain. The pain could be due to disease or injury. Pain, acute or chronic, can adversely affect your pet's health and even lead to more serious issues. For those in Laurel, NY, visit Mattituck Laurel Veterinary Hospital if your pet needs pain management. At Mattituck - Laurel Veterinary Hospital, we treat your pets like the valued family they are.


Signs and Symptoms of Pain

While your pet cannot talk, there are various signs and symptoms that indicate your pet is experiencing pain. One sign is a change in the way your pet moves. These changes could include limping, difficulty getting up or down, avoiding high-impact activities, and staying inactive. Another sign is visible body changes. 

Increased breathing, eye problems, decreased weight, and unusual postures are common body changes indicating pain. Also, changes in behavior like decreased appetite, poor sleep, and restlessness can designate pain. These signs and symptoms also apply to farm animals. If your pets or farm animals show signs and symptoms of pain, you can take them to an animal hospital for pain management. Avoid giving them medication before contacting a veterinarian.

Pain Management for Pets

Both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions are used in managing pain for pets and farm animals, including dogs, cats, and rabbits. One or both interventions can be used based on the cause and level of pain.

Pharmacological intervention involves the administration of medications to relieve pain. NSAID’s and corticosteroids are the most common drugs used to treat pain caused by inflammatory conditions. Topical anesthetics are usually used to manage painful areas caused by burns and scalding.

Pharmacological medications, especially opioids, are often administered before surgical procedures. Additionally, local anesthetics, epidurals, and anti-inflammatory medication are used to relieve pain before, during, and after surgical procedures.

Non-pharmacological interventions for pain management don’t constitute the use of pharmacological medications. The interventions aim at altering thoughts and concentration to reduce or manage pain. One such intervention is cold laser therapy, which involves moving a laser wand on the affected areas or tissues to relieve pain. The light beams absorbed by body cells initiate biological reactions that result in fast healing.

Another non-pharmacological intervention is acupuncture, which involves the insertion of needles into the skin of affected areas to relieve pain. Food therapy is also a common non-pharmacological pain management intervention used for pets. In this method, special foods and herbs prevent, reduce, or manage pain.

Schedule Your Pet for Pain Management 

Take your pets to Mattituck Laurel Veterinary Hospital for pain management today. Our vet will diagnose the cause of pain and provide proper interventions to reduce and relieve the pain. Contact our Laurel, NY, office to book an appointment.


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