Pet Wellness Exam

A pet wellness exam, or annual check-up, is a routine veterinary visit to assess a pet's overall health and well-being. These exams are essential to maintaining a pet's health and preventing potential health issues. At Mattituck - Laurel Veterinary Hospital, we treat your pets like the valued family they are. 

Pet Examination


Mattituck Laurel Veterinary Hospital in Laurel, NY, is the animal hospital you can trust for exceptional veterinary services. When you need a pet check-up and annual vaccination shots, we serve you and the nearby community. Our comprehensive pet exams and vaccinations are of the highest quality available.

Annual Pet Wellness Exams

Annual pet wellness exams are for adult animals. Younger dogs and cats will need more frequent visits and booster shots until they reach a certain age. Senior dogs and cats do best when it has a pet checkup by your vet about every six months or so. There is a lot to do during a comprehensive wellness exam. It should take 30-45 minutes to do the exam.

A pet exam is critical to maintain your pet’s overall health, activity, and happiness. Prevention is the best policy. It is less expensive than treating a big problem later. The following are involved in a comprehensive wellness exam:

    • Physical Exam
    • Heartworm Test
    • FeLV/FIV Test
    • Vaccinations
    • Parasite Prevention
    • Spaying/Neutering
    • Dental Care
    • Grooming

Prepare for a Pet Wellness Exam

Preparing for a pet wellness exam is essential to ensure your beloved furry companion receives the best care and attention. These routine check-ups are crucial for maintaining your pet's overall health to detect potential health issues early on. Taking a proactive approach to your pet's well-being can lead to a longer, happier, healthier life for your four-legged friend. Our animal hospital loves it when things go smoothly, so prepare with the steps listed below:

    • Print or copy vet records where your pet received care or vaccination shots from another clinic or animal hospital.
    • Take quick photos of any pet's prescriptions, including supplements, treats, food labels, and anything else your pet consumes.
    • Bring a baggie of a fresh stool sample if possible. This sample is extremely helpful.
    • List any concerns or questions you may have for our veterinarian.

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Putting off your pet’s wellness exam could put their health in jeopardy. Contact Mattituck - Laurel Veterinary Hospital in Laurel, NY, today about your pet’s appointment with our professional veterinarians. Our mission is to keep your pet healthy and happy. Call us at (631) 298-1177 or contact our compassionate staff via our online appointment request form.

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