Pet Grooming

Basic pet grooming can be important to handle and provide on a regular basis. Pet grooming is more than just making a pet look presentable; given the fact that domesticated animals do not generally take care of themselves, they are dependent on humans for the same. Veterinarian grooming is one of several methods to solve simple problems that, if ignored, can become big problems quickly. We at Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital in Mattituck-Laurel, NY, as a veterinarian in Laurel, NY, can help with pet grooming.

pet grooming

General Cleaning and Brushing

Ever seen an animal in the wild? Dogs, for example, may end up with a lot of matted hair, patches and other skin issues. Regular baths and brushing keep dog coats healthy as well as removing contaminants that build up and can cause skin problems and irritation. When scratched, these issues then turn into infections and get worse. Ask a veterinarian in Laurel on our team about the risks to your pet.

Nail Trimming

Nails are a similar issue. While cat nails ultimately fall out and get replaced by new claws, that’s not the case for dogs. Instead, dog nails just keep growing and start to turn inward. Outside, they will wear down on rock or hard surfaces, but when a pet is kept indoors, no such wear occurs and the nails get too long. Regular trimming and pet grooming avoids this problem as well as keeps them short, eliminating pain and twisting at the toe-end of the paw.

Folds and Ear Cleaning at a Vet

Some breeds are just prone to infection issues in the ears or folds of the fur. Many dogs and cats may also end up collecting crud in their ears that can trigger scratching, which also triggers infections. Again, regular trained vet cleaning removes these irritants and keeps animals’ ear paths clear and functional. It doesn’t take much for gunk to get deep inside a dog’s ear, affecting hearing. A cleaning from a “veterinarian near me” can help.

Visit Us for Dog Grooming or Cat Grooming from Our Animal Hospital

For dog grooming or cat grooming services by a veterinarian in Laurel, NY, our team is available. At Mattituck - Laurel Veterinary Hospital, we treat your pets like the valued family they are. Just schedule an appointment and our animal hospital can provide a veterinary examination and grooming checkup. A pet owner can get a health check and cleaning for their pet by a “veterinarian near me” at the same veterinary. Visit us in Mattituck-Laurel, NY, or call us at (631) 298-1177.

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