Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm Prevention from Our Veterinarian in Laurel, NY

At Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital, we know how difficult it can be for your pets to deal with parasites. From diarrhea to life-threatening symptoms, it's vital to get your pets the prevention and care they need. We're on a mission to help pet parents in Laurel, NY, by providing a variety of parasite treatment options, including heartworm prevention. Below is everything you need to know about heartworm prevention and why it's crucial for your pets' longevity.

Heartworm Prevention

What Is a Heartworm?

Heartworms are parasitic worms that can live in the heart and lungs of animals, causing serious damage to their organs. They are spread from animal to animal by mosquitoes. Heartworms are most commonly found in cats and dogs, but can also be found in other animals such as ferrets, foxes, and even wolves.

They are transferred solely through mosquito bites, and it only takes one bite from a carrier mosquito for your pet to become infested.

Why Is Heartworm Prevention Important?

Heartworms are incredibly dangerous, and can cause serious damage to the lungs and other organs in pets. Left untreated, heartworms can lead to severe illness, breathing difficulty, or even death in extreme cases. It's highly recommended that pet owners take preventative measures to protect their furry friends from the threat of heartworms.

Heartworm prevention is an easy and cost-effective way to keep your pet safe. An annual test, combined with regular monthly medications can significantly reduce the risk of infection in cats, dogs, and other animals.

What Does Heartworm Prevention Consist of?

At Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital, we offer comprehensive heartworm prevention plans for our patients. Our preventative care plan consists of an annual heartworm test and regular monthly medications designed to protect your pets from the threat of heartworms. A few regular check ups and routine medications can go a long way to helping prevent your animal from becoming infected with heartworm.

It's important to remember that heartworm prevention is still the best form of protection against these dangerous parasites. By taking the necessary steps to protect your pets from heartworms, you can help them live longer, healthier lives.

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If you have any questions about heartworm prevention, contact us at Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital. We are always happy to provide the advice and care your pet needs in order to stay safe and healthy. At Mattituck - Laurel Veterinary Hospital, we treat your pets like the valued family they are,


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